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Manual Dependency Injection

When creating a simple app making use of the AbstractSavedStateViewModelFactory to manually inject dependencies, this section showcases a sample using that.


A paired down version of the ViewModel for this sample is shown below:

class MainViewModel(
    savedStateFlowHandle: SavedStateFlowHandle,
    private val newsDataSource: NewsDataSource
) : ViewModel() {

    private val query: SavedStateFlow<String> =
        savedStateFlowHandle.getSavedStateFlow(viewModelScope, "main-viewmodel-query-key", "")

    init {

    fun updateQuery(query: String) {
        this.query.value = query

    private fun observeQuery() {
        viewModelScope.launch {
                .flatMapLatest { query ->
                .collect { results ->
                    //TODO update state 


The full version of this ViewModel can be found here.

ViewModel Factory

Now to actually create an instance of the ViewModel and provide it an instance of SavedStateFlowHandle, create a factory class that extends AbstractSavedStateViewModelFactory and make use of the extension function SavedStateHandle.toSavedStateFlowHandle().

class MainViewModelFactory(
    owner: SavedStateRegistryOwner,
    defaultArgs: Bundle? = null
) : AbstractSavedStateViewModelFactory(owner, defaultArgs) {
    override fun <T : ViewModel?> create(
        key: String,
        modelClass: Class<T>,
        handle: SavedStateHandle
    ): T {
        return MainViewModel(handle.toSavedStateFlowHandle(), NewsRepository) as T

Grabbing a Reference to ViewModel

Finally an instance of a ViewModel can be grabbed from the view using the by viewmodels { } delegation function and passing it an instance of the factory.

class MainActivity : ComponentActivity() {
    private val viewModel: MainViewModel by viewModels {



Manual dependency injection is great for small apps and for understanding the basic concept, however it can lead to writing a lot of boiler plate code creating ViewModel factory classes. To help reduce the amount of boiler plate, you can move onto the next section to see how a dependency injection framework like Hilt can be used with SavedStateFlow.