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This website is created and maintained by me, Andrew Steinmetz. I have been a professional Android developer since 2018 and have always had a passion for technology.

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I created this website as a place to teach others all of the different types of technology I’ve learned myself, since a wise man once said:

The best way to learn something, is to teach.

So I hope you learn something when you visit!


I originally started as a Java developer since that is what Android used to be written in. Ever since Google announced Kotlin as a first class language for Android, that has been the primary language I use for my day job. In my free time, I have written a decent amount of Dart code for Flutter and back in college had dabbled with Swift and Javascipt.

Since I work at a company that has to develop the same app for web, iOS and Android, each written in their own language living in different code bases. I have been on the hunt for a solution to write these same apps all in one code base using the same language. So even though my favorite language is Kotlin which has a solution for this problem, I can acknowledge there are many other solutions out there that might be better depending on your needs so I try not to favorite one over another since this site itself is just statically generated with Jekyll & TeXt Theme.


Email: andrew@plusmobileapps.com

Twitter: @plusmobileapps

Github: plusmobileapps

Linked In: Andrew Steinmetz