Markdown Cheat Sheet

Markdown is a shorthand syntax for writing highly stylized text. It can be a great tool when you are taking notes, documenting code, or even writing a site like this one.

Below you will find a cheat sheat of all the different types of markdown text available for most markdown flavors, as well as some extensions utilized in this site.

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Should I Write an Android App in Kotlin or Java?

In the world of native Android developing, the developer has the option to write an app in either Java or Kotlin. If you actually clicked on those two links, you might even be able to tell a lot about each language from first glance. Java has been around since 1995 which also seems like the last year the website may have been touched. Kotlin first appeared in 2011 with aspirations to becoming a modern language beloved by many developers and has a website to show for that. Android was born in 2008, so the original way to write Android apps between the two languages was Java. Kotlin did not receive official first class support for Android until Google IO in 2017 and has become a very popular way to build Android apps.

Now when it comes to writing an Android app, I would say it really depends on an individuals background, team size, and teams background to know which language to learn.

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Shell Scripts

Why Shell Script?

If you find yourself running a bunch of bash commands that you would like to version control and share with others, shell script is what you are looking for.

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How to Use SSH

Before getting into the professional field of software development, I had always used https for cloning all of my git repositories. It wasn’t until I started juggling three different github accounts between personal, school, and work, that I realized there had to be a better way. In comes secure shell, or SSH for short, to never need to enter in a login password again!

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